NEW to the Church?

Join us for NEXTSTEPS

NEXTSTEPS is a three class discovery to learn about Advance Church and the life God created for you. It gives you an opportunity to meet the pastors, understand why we do what we do, and ask questions. This is also our way of getting people involved on our volunteer team whom we affectionately call the "A-TEAM".

NEXTSTEPS classes are 1 hour on Sunday afternoons. 

StepONE: Be loved  -- Meet the pastors, learn about our vision.                      

StepTWO: Believe -- Learn healthy habits in pursuing and knowing God.

StepTHREE: Belong -- Discover your unique gifts and how you can serve

               God and others at Advance Church.

We would love to hear from you! To sign up for NEXTSTEPS, ask questions, just drop us a line! 

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